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A new ySendit is coming soon.

We are discontinuing our online file sharing service for personal and commercial reasons and continue to develop ySendit as a selfhostable script.

When we are done, we are distributing it here at our website. Sign up to be notified.

Read more about our motivation to shutdown ySendit and how long you can still download your files.

More about ySendit

files have been shared with ySendit.com since its start in 2021.

Thanks for trusting our service. Together, we served ...


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This is ySendit:

The File Transfer service you
will love.

Sure it does file sharing. But there's also embeddable widgets, custom branding, selfhosting and more - like previews on the download page, made transfers lists and notifications

Get a private link for your files. Or send them in mass by mail.


Your Transfers belong to you. Customize every aspect of your download pages.

Upload your custom logo and link it to your own website. Select an image as background for the download page or put your website in it. Style the appearance how you like.


Privacy and data security by default.

All data transferred with ySendit is stored AES 256-Bit encrypted. To enforce more security, you can protect your downloads with a password and let Transfers auto-expire once all have downloaded.


Your recipients will love to download your files.

Hovering over your shared files will show almost every file inside the browser without the need to download the files first. Your files get cached in a Delivery Network resulting in optimal download speeds.

Move your files the right way. Independent, customized and scalable.

Spin up your own, independent ySendit. With our admin console you can view / manage all Transfers, preset the share option, limit file sizes, protect the upload page with a password, define where users should be redirected after uploading files and style your site.

You decide if you want to use the upload and download page of your instance, and embed your website as background in it, or if you want to place an upload widget on your externally operated website.

Connect a custom domain with your instance to fully brand the experience.

ySendit saves all uploaded files in your own AWS S3 Bucket where we don't have access to. That's to technical? No worries, we offer a complete setup service.

Get your files moving. Available soon.

Own instance & privacy focused

Embeddable components

Fully branded & customized

Made in Cread